South-Western Endemic Tour

11 Day Tour

8 birdwatchers maximum
Perth – Armadale – Dryandra – Stirling Range – Cheynes Beach – Albany – Armadale

This tour concentrates on the endemics and specialties of this region, which include some of the most beautiful parrots and cockatoos, and in the south-west the three difficult birds (Western Bristlebird, Noisy Scrubbird and Western Whipbird).  In regard to parrots, lorikeets and cockatoos we have the chance of seeing 17 species. We also look for the introduced birds, which can’t be found easily anywhere else. Numbats and Bilbies have also been seen on this tour.

The itinerary is set out to give us a chance of multiple sightings, as some species can be difficult to find, depending on water and food supply, which are unpredictable. The tour does not concentrate on waders, shorebirds and pelagics, but of course when encountered we don’t ignore them.

Day 1

Arrival and meeting at Perth. The tour starts with dinner at the hotel, but if guests are in Perth already we might visit one of the many lakes in Perth for some afternoon birdwatching.

Accommodation: TBA, Perth

Day 2

We leave Perth and drive to east to look for the Mute Swan. Armadale is then our next stop. The local area has plenty of interesting birds recorded, including Long-billed and Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos, Western Rosellas, Red-capped Parrots, Red-eared Firetails, White-breasted Robins, Red-winged Fairy-Wrens and many more. Most of these birds can also be seen in other areas, but it’s a great introduction to the endemics of Western Australia.

Accommodation: Heritage Country Motel, Armadale

Day 3 + 4

After early morning birdwatching we drive from Armadale to Dryandra, where we spend 2 nights. Dryandra is an open woodland reserve with plenty of birds and some famous marsupials like the Numbats. Birding highlights are Elegant Parrots, Australian Ringnecks, Western Rosellas, Red-capped Parrots, Rufous Treecreepers, Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens, Western Spinebills and a variety of Honeyeaters. At night we go spotlighting for nocturnal birds and mammals.

Accommodation: Albert Facey Motor Inn, Narrogin

Day 5

After checking the local area for birds we leave Narrogin and drive three hours south to the Mallee Fowl Information Centre, where we’ll have lunch. Once cooler we travel a short distance north to a private property, which has active Malleefowl mounds. These endangered birds are only found at very few places, but here we have a good chance. It is the same location where David Attenborough was filmed with the birds. We also look for other Mallee species at the same time. We arrive at the Stirling Range Retreat in the evening.

Accommodation: Stirling Range Retreat, Stirling Range


Day 6

After an early morning search for the Western Whipbird we walk in the Retreat area, searching for the elusive Western Shrike-tit, Regent and Elegant Parrots and many more.
In the afternoon we do more birding depending on the conditions and wanted birds.

Accommodation: Stirling Range Retreat, Stirling Range

Day 7 + 8

In the morning we again visit the habitat of the Western Whipbird, Rufous (Western) Fieldwren and Southern Emu-wren.
It’s only a relative short distance from the Retreat to Cheynes Beach, where we’ll arrive about noon.
It’s one of the prime areas, where three difficult endemic birds can be found. Western Whipbird, Western Bristlebird and the elusive Noisy Scrubbird are found in the coastal heath plus more.

Accommodation: Cheynes Beach Caravan Park (cabins)

Day 9

After early morning birding we leave for Albany. We’ll visit Two Peoples Bay, which gives us another chance for the three difficult birds plus a chance of Southern Emu-wrens and Red-eared Firetails. We also visit Lake Seppings, where we should see Musk and Blue-billed Ducks amongst other birds.

Accommodation: Le Grande, Albany

Day 10

On the way north today we visit the main area along a highway for Long-billed Black Cockatoos and Western Corellas. Today is our main push towards Perth, which involves a drive of about 450 km. We stay again at Armadale.

Accommodation: Heritage Country Motel, Armadale

Day 11

After a final birdwatching walk in the morning we check out at 10.00 am and return to Perth. The tour finishes around midday.