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Fully accommodated Birdwatching & Birding Tours in Northern Australia, south-west of Western Australia and Papua New Guinea

Established in 1991

Exploring Kirrima National Park & Beyond

We’ve been exploring the rugged hill scenery, lush tropical rainforest and open eucalyptus forest of Kirrama National Park for almost 30 years.

Kirrima is a magical place where the atmosphere almost outshines the birdwatching, with splendid kauris and rose periodontals throughout the woodland as you twist along the strolling track. These striking trees were left when the location was assigned a ‘beauty spot’ in the 1950s.

Kirrama is a globe heritage listed park; recognising the location’s exceptional all-natural elegance as well as the value of its biological diversity and also evolutionary background, consisting of habitats for numerous endangered types. Protected by WTWHA the land also has social relevance for Indigenous individuals with longstanding ties to the location and also its surrounds.

The park truly is a sight to behold and should be near the top of any avid Australian birdwatcher’s bucket list! So why not join us on one of our next bird-watching tours

30 Years Of Birdwatching Experience

“Kirrama knows the wildlife of northern Australia and all those special places – invaluable knowledge gained from years of experience with wildlife, photography and the tourist industry.

My times spent with Kirrama in the wild are always memorable. Their infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of what is going on all around both by day and by night ensure there is never a dull moment.”

– Graeme Chapman, renowned ornithologist and wildlife photographer.

Our Most Popular Birding Tours

Northern Australian Tours

Kirrama Wildlife Tours, operated by renowned guide Klaus Uhlenhut, provides birding adventures in Northern Australia, from the tropical rainforests on the east coast to the inland arid outback, to mangroves and monsoon forests in the north, the south-west (Perth area) and Papua New Guinea.

Although Kirrama specialises in finding that elusive bird for the experienced birdwatcher, beginners fit in just as comfortably in the small groups, where the informal atmosphere brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities with the one common interest ……..birds.

When you book with Kirrama you travel in style

You not only get heaps of expertise, but you are also treated to great meals and cool, comfortable accommodation. Add to this a comprehensive run-down on all birds, mammals, frogs and reptiles …..and you too can plan one of the most fulfilling experiences of YOUR lifetime!

Kirrama Wildlife Tours is based in Innisfail, North Queensland

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